Things Youtube videos are recorded with

cameras internets Pie Chart potato youtube - 6523347712
By Unknown

Survey Rage

rage true story internets - 8264634112
By Corkie6

The Internet Can Be a Harsh Place

sad but true web comics internets - 8238802176
By Derp-a-derp (Via Jimmy Something)

Grandma: Living Up to Expectations

facebook zuckerberg internets - 7320907264
By RockstarDoubleH

Double Standard Much?

race dating internets - 7269789440
By hungwell

It's All in The Timing

gifs internets - 7159866112
By Unknown

Just a Little Longer, Now...

computer soon self referential infinite scroll internets - 6753968128
By Pyro21


error computer soon literalism facebook Okay home internets - 6826672128
By Kurmon

How Many Google Accounts Are There?

computer soon my mind is full of email internets - 6752676096
By CrystalWolf96


nap procrastination gaming map flag internets - 6812952320
By Unknown

Ain't Nobody Got Time For That

Pie Chart internets - 6718266624
By gadget593

Most People Wish Life Was Like This

poker face everything went better than expected internets - 6675278336
By ItalianSuperBoy

Who Needs Text Books With Interwebs Like These?

college internets Pie Chart school university - 6560171520
By hellitosis


internets noob pun - 6530864128
By MintPaw

That'd Be Easier to Explain

computer internets mom Pie Chart pr0n - 6536380672
By Unknown

That's Going Out in Style

awesome Death internets style tree - 6532395520
By Unknown
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