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Dungeons & Dragons Players are Showing Off Their Epic Game Rooms on TikTok

Dungeons & Dragons Players Show Off The Most Epic Game Rooms on TikTok

These DnD players aren't messing around—secret bookcase doors, giant wood and glass tables, and bones, lots of decorative bones.
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40+ Hideous Houses That Are Experiencing an Existential Crisis

An architectural nightmare
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Whimsical Ways In Which Workers Decorated Their Offices

So creative
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People Dunk On Terribly Designed Loft Apartment

It’s a rite of passage of moving into anywhere new. You unpack everything, get settled in and then realize that there are several annoying features to your new home that the real estate agents conveniently swept under the carpet. Whether you’re barely scraping rent or money is not an object, all of us have suffered from impractical interiors at some point. Even when you are lucky enough to find somewhere that could be your dream home, there are going to be issues that you have to learn to live …
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Pretentious TikTok Home Tour Gets Roasted & Toasted

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Unconventional Upcycled Chair Horrifies The Internet

Of all the things you could do, why this?
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Cringey & Criminal Design Offenses

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Caustic Thread Dunks On Photo Of Richard Branson’s Kitchen

It's functional, I guess?
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Funny memes about Ikea's pride couches, bisexual couch

IKEA's Pride Couches Are Twitter's New Favorite Meme

That bisexual couch tho
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Funny twitter account Room Rater rates peoples homes based on the backgrounds of their video calls | Room Rater MAD DCG PAC @ratemyskyperoom STRONG. BE difference between hostage video and this is adding three frames. Great blue. Making 7/10 @HurdOnTheHill TODAY 12PM ET SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI LIVE LIVE REP. WILL HURD (R) TEXAS MSNBC DOW A54.99 | MAD OGG PAC Go big or go home. Leopard spot wallpaper win. 9/10 @Monicagaylefox2 FOX 2 6:14 43° 6:51 PM 23 Apr 20 Twitter iPhone

Genius Twitter Account Judges Homes Via Video Call Backgrounds

We need this now more than ever.
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Too Real

Funny meme about growing up.
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