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Frustrated People Explain How Being Poor is Actually Prohibitively Expensive

Being broke is expensive
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Informative Thread Reveals Some Of The Most Useful Websites On The Internet

Take notes
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Weird and surprising facts that don't seem real, but they are, true facts that sound like lies, fake

Bogus-Sounding Facts That Are Certified Legit

The more you know.
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Rollercoaster Thread Details High School Scandals That Deserve A Piece In New York Magazine

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History Teacher Has Students Make Memes For Extra Credit, Spicy Takes Ensue

No lies detected.
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Multilingual Dude Figures Out Perfect Formula For Speaking Human Simlish

Who knew?
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Reflective Thread Outlines The Golden Ages We Are Currently Living Through

Food for thought
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20+ Things That Are Technically Legal But Comically Twisted

There's no rule against using both hands to put on lip balm
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Perplexing Ox Horn Preparation Video Has Viewers Reporting Hallucinatory Experience

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Absolute Legend Explains How They Automated Their Own Job

What if you could get paid to do nothing?
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When I Found Out My Date Was Actually Married' | thumbnail text - waking them up when they asked me to, i was startled by the car horn, man

Dad Shares Hilariously Absurd Reasons He Has Had To Apologize To His Teenagers

Teens are terrifying
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20+ Highlights And Hijinks From The Recesses Of Tumblr

Fun fun fun
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Fascinating thread about the sequel to 101 Dalmatians

Twitter Thread Details the 'One Hundred and One Dalmatians' Sequel About Total Dog Domination

Disney's One Hundred and One Dalmatians is a pretty iconic movie - and is based on an equally iconic book with nearly same title. But did you know that there was a sequel to the book? One would think that the live-action spinoff would follow the same plot. But it doesn't. And that's because the story is so insane it's impossible to film. Twitter user @SketchesByBoze enlightened the site with these facts in a mind-blowing thread last year - a thread that we only happened upon nearly a year later…
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Obscure Facts & Snapshots From History

Did you know that Ernest Hemingway used to shoot sharks with a tommy gun while fishing for marlins? Neither did I until I found @weird_hist, a Twitter account that drops random little-known historical tidbits and fascinating images from the past. Each one of @weird_hist's tweets is a gateway to a historical k-hole. First, you'll naturally want to fact-check the information. Did the CIA really equip cats with radio transmitters to try and spy on the Soviets? From there you're just a few more clic
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Cis Men Do an ‘Ask Me Anything’ and the Thread Is Surprisingly Wholesome

Men address everything from anatomy to relationships
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Weird And Cursed Wikihow Tips That Might Not Be The Greatest Advice

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