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Galaxy-brained poster claims that nobody with an 130+ IQ listens to music: 'This is a lot of words to say you don't understand music'

No thoughts, head full of tunes
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Twitter Dweeb Gets Clowned for Claiming That Having 130 IQ is "The greatest tragedy"

Get real
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Ignorant People Who Somehow Think They’re The Next Einsteins

2 + 2 = jerk
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Smart Person Memes For The Intelligentsia

Memes for the gifted and talented!
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Funny Tweets About ChatGPT, the New and Advanced AI Chatbot

It's just like a person
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16 pictures of cats doing funny things and getting stuck in weird places | Thumbnail includes a picture of a cat stuck inside its pink feeder and a picture of a cat laying inside hanging clothing hangers in a closet full of clothes

16 Hissterical Images Featuring Cats That Purrfectly Represent Cat Logic In All Its Glory

Classic cat tingz
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Woman Regrets One Night Stand After Conversation The Morning After

Seriously dude
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20+ Thought-Provoking Shower Thoughts For The Imaginatively Inclined

Big brains all round
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Funny video about how Hollywood portrays men, masculinity, movies, action movies, mission impossible, tom cruise, hunks, james bond

Video: 4 Dumb Ways Modern Movies Portray Masculinity

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Funny smart people who make stupid people look bad on the internet | alex e @bahayogi Actually, soaps do help virus is self-assembled nanoparticle and weakest link is lipid bilayer wash hands with soap dissolves fatty membrane and virus falls apart thus becoming "inactive Please wash hands. TheeSkinnyLegend TM @MyLifeAsR 1d Fun fact: antiBACTERIAL soaps kill 99.9 bacteria, do nothing against VIRUSES. And corona is fact VIRUS. | Alexander J. Cortes @AJA_Cortes Unnatural hair colors woman are warn

21 Times People Were Murdered By Words

Got 'em
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Funny pics of people who think they are smart | I read so much now started citing books every conversation. Whatever say probably have quote back up think quoted Aristotle 2x already today s only 10 am

27 Cringey Geniuses That Should Be Taken Down A Notch

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Sick Self Burn

Funny self-deprecating joke about someone's IQ being 5 times 0
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Very, Very Stupid Indeed

Tweet that reads, "It's interesting growing up and learning that most adults are not smart. I had my suspicions as a kid but I didn't think the situation was this dire"
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Take That

Funny meme about meme historians.
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Funny trending skull comparison meme, gifs, movies, rick and morty, flat earth, harambe.

This Trending Meme Argues That We Are Not Intellectually Equal

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Funny meme about how people who keep up with memes are more intelligent than people who keep up with the news.
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