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Ex-Insurance VP Unmasks The Sleaziness Of Insurance Companies During COVID-19

Wendell Potter, ex-Cigna vice president and general good Samaritan, took to Twitter to expose the sketchy practices of the American health insurance industry. Not that you needed more bad news in these trying times of the coronavirus pandemic, but this thread is extremely informative and important to share with anyone in your life who believes that the American healthcare system doesn't need to be reformed. On a marginally more humorous note, here are some American healthcare-related memes!

Interesting and depressing Twitter thread about insurance companies profit-motives during the coronavirus epidemic | Wendell Potter @wendellpotter WORD WISE During this coronavirus crisis, keep an eye on every move my old industry: health insurers. Behind PR spin, they will be doing everything they can deny care maintain profits, while making look like they're heroes. Here's look 1/10)
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