Funny, crazy, and self-deprecating Youtube Comments

YouTube Comments That Range From Silly to Straight-Up Insane

I don't know about you, but whenever I find myself falling into a YouTube hole, it's not just the videos that I am paying attention to. Whether the video is stupid, smart, or even some excruciatingly boring tutorial, I will go out of my way to check out all of the comments. The truth is, in many cases, that the YouTube comments are more entertaining than the videos themselves. While there are some sweetly appreciative shout-outs and usually some personal anecdotes from a boomer or two, there's…
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Funny, rare and creative insults from Reddit

Rare and Creative Insults From the Ready Wordsmiths of the Internet

There are many different types of intelligence in this world. Some people are mathematical whizzes who do seemingly needless equations just for kicks. They can do complex math in their head and calculate tips within seconds. Then there are the artistic geniuses, who understand how to create masterpieces with paints, pencils, sculptural materials, or even garbage they find on the street. I've always envied science nerds who actually understand space and time, the physics of everything. There are…
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Clever Cuss-Free Insults From the Poets of Reddit

A good insult is a beautiful thing, and anyone who has spent some time on Reddit knows that many patrons of the infamous website understand the art of the roast. One user recently asked the people of Reddit to share their favorite cuss word-free insults, and boy did r/AskReddit deliver. We've put together a collection of some of our favorite rude remarks from the entertaining thread.
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Brutal Times People Owned Themselves Just To Take People Down With Them

Kamikaze by words
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rare insults, insults, roasts, youtube, youtube comments, reddit, witty comebacks, burn, facebook, facebook comments | His beard looks like he fell asleep at party | Elon Musk's mom on raising successful kids didn't treat them like babies or scold them' 11K 191 Comments 878 Shares Like? Comment Share They all look like they are about unhinge their jaws and swallow marsupial.

Brutal Burns From The Internet's Poets of Cruelty

Delightfully brutal burns
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Funny self-owns, suicide by words, funny memes, masochistic, self-deprecating, reddit | come dudes don't go through girls phones ent O Like 425 no 566 shares Slade Kahkwetwew 5 hrs like being happy | Brain-Eating Amoebas Kerosene Creek 1.1M views 11 months ago 42K 281 Share Download Save fischX 6 months ago Had brain eating amoeba once, poor fella died hungry

Spicy Self-Owns That Deserve Respect

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Funny insults, spicy insults, clapbacks | elentube #TheEllenShow #Ellen #EllenDeGeneres Can This Teenager Use Rotary Phone? 2.7M views 4 days ago 56K 6.6K Share Download Save day ago "Oh look at these stupid kids. They can't use rotary phone. They can't use phone book M Wow s almost like as technology advances, older things slowly become useless and obsolete. Kind like Ellen.. | Replying Girl so basic if spilled vinegar on dissolve into foam like wicked which. 23:40 16 Aug 19 Twitter Android 25

Spicy Insults & Clapbacks That Bring The Heat

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Delightfully Unique Insults That Are as Clever as They Are Cruel

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Caustic Burns & Savage Insults There's No Returning From

True zingers
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Brutal Burns, Painful Self-Owns, & Funny Moments of Failure

Sometimes life is pure pain, but that doesn't mean we can't laugh. In fact, it's often the only thing we can do in the face of rejection, humiliation, and total failure . When people post about their tragic Ls, we're not laughing at them, we're laughing with them. Because we've all been there. Lord knows I have. If you're in the mood for a dose of schadenfreude, we've got a bunch of painful yet hilarious posts full of facepalm.
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Funny insults and comebacs

An Impressive Collection of Clever Quips And Quick Comebacks

Being able to express oneself in writing is no small feat. Some people write in a dry manner, only caring to get a point across, no fuss or flourish necessary. Others are more poetic, sprinkling descriptive words into their work to paint a more attractive picture (or, of course, to show off). But the witty writers we appreciate the most are quick, cunning, and ballsy enough to destroy people in 100 words or less. These insults and comebacks (which hail mostly from Twitter) come from people just…
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Jordan Peterson insults plus-size model, quits Twitter

Jordan Peterson Bullied Off of Twitter For Fat Shaming Sports Illustrated Model

It's always a good day to drag Jordan Peterson.
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Guy Shares Book Of Comebacks Mom Gave Him When Being Bullied At School

Feel special now?
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20+ Times Disney One-Liners Brought the Savagery

It's easy to shrug off a lot of kids movies as cutesy garbage. Disney especially. But while Disney might have a reputation for being all about wholesome love stories, musicals, and empowerment, there is often an undercurrent of adult humor or wit below the surface. Which is great when you think about all the tired parents who must need a bit of funniness that they can appreciate while being dragged to movie matinees they could really care less about. The dirty Disney easter eggs are probably th…
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Funny self-owns and spicy insults, suicide by words | irl Memes Day 4 sticking my dad's things ceiling. Today tv remote. SeamanTheSailor everyone saying should stick myself ceiling has be something he would look | MATCHED WITH LUCY ON 12/5/20 bet l'd beat solitaire Today 11:07 PM not unless can win under 42 seconds (my personal record) Unfortunately an expert finishing under 42 seconds

18 Spicy Times People Roasted Themselves

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Funny pics and posts from absolute madlads, cringey comments, cringey posts, reddit posts | OMFORT LLTD Ne1234340 ACTION Looking straight at camera 1h 1m 2s videoclip special 700 abona 7 views 2 Share Download Save Joshua Balázs SUBSCRIBE 707 subscribers | yearbook photo lost game

Chaotic Mad Lads Who Need To Be Reined In

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