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Twitter Users Recall The Dumbest Things That They Got Teased For

Ha ha!
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millennials and Gen-Zers as senior citizens

Viral TikTok Video Has Viewers Hilariously Predicting What Millennials and Gen-Zers Will Be like As Senior Citizens

*Insert TikTok quote here.* “What did grandma just say??”
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I Don't Get It

Illustrations of two pheasants saying "chirp chirp" above a still of a guy saying, "I'm sorry, is this some sort of pheasant joke that I'm too human to understand?"
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The Butt Of Every Internet Joke

Object-label meme where a middle-school boy with wings made out of boxes represents "The entire internet" and another boy cowering in the corner represents, "Anyone named Karen"
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Oh Yeah, Good One Man!

Pic of Spongebob laughing with several other characters under the caption, "When yo homies laughing their asses off but you the only one who doesn't get the joke so you just there like..."
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REFRAME: It Breaks Your Bank, Not Your Floor

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The Sims: Simlish Is All-Inclusive

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