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Student Gets Petty Revenge After Being Shamed for Not Wearing Bra

Insecurity brings the absolute worst out in people
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Tiktoker Calls Random Guys ‘Short Kings’ and Their Reactions Are Priceless

The ego is a fragile beast, easily triggered and quick to get defensive. We all have our insecurities—are we even human without them? For a century, Hollywood and advertising has told women they should look a certain way, and if they don't, then they're unattractive. For many men, it's height. Young men on the shorter side often have low-self esteem because society tells them tall men are masculine and attractive. A young woman who goes by @sadikhansk on TikTok decided to do a little trolling an
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Bleakly Relatable Memes Because Life Is One Hot Dumpster Fire

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It Me

Funny meme about being insecure on wedding day, bride texting groom "are we still on for today"
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Tweet that reads, "Fun way to make someone question everything: comment 'you are so brave' on all their selfies"
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Memes Get Too Real

Funny meme about memes hitting your insecurities.
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Rise And Shine!

Funny meme about waking up and feeling insecure.
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Haha So Funny

Funny meme about memes hitting your insecurities.
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image insecurity jokes Hilarious
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It's Not a Secret Anymore

web comics insecurity It's Not a Secret Anymore
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Maybe It's Better to Just Be Yourself

web comics beauty Maybe It's Better to Just Be Yourself
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Paranoid Parrot: Paranoia or Confidently Insecure?

gay girls guys hot insecure Paranoid Parrot - 5195795200
By tpopton

Travolta Seems Weirdly Insecure

From the Movies gay joke insecure - 4796759552
By TTTERocks