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Coyote Peterson Has Already Been Stung by a Bullet Ant So Now He's Totally Fine With Letting One Walk All Over Him

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Watch Coyote Peterson Get Stung by a Tarantula Hawk, the Second Most Painful Sting on the Planet

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A Wondrous Tale of an Existential Bear and a Clinically Depressed Bee

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You'll Never Bee-lieve the Twist at the End!

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Poor Guy Was Just Trying to Help out With Some Housekeeping...

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Caught up in the Buzz Over the New Smartphone Before He Beelines for the Facebook Post

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Never Trust a Blood Sucking Insect

web comics bros Never Trust a Blood Sucking Insect
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Super Insect Squad

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CB2 Designs Pushpins That Look Like Big, Nasty Insects

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We got you Bee-Bro!

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This Friend is a Giant Butterfly

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Remember Starship Troopers?

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Mantis Tries to Jump

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A Sleeping Bee

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Just Gathering Some Pollen to Share

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Creepy Mantis Is Creepy

GIF of a creepy praying mantis on someones finger.
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