Funny video of a store manager at Target giving a speech right before the Black Friday rush

Target Manager Gives Epic Speech Before Black Friday Chaos

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insane crazy people mental hospital alcohol drugs jail insanity addiction mental health - 5688069

15 People Reveal What Staying In A Mental Hospital Is REALLY Like

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Insanity: The Game

insanity bravely default - 8127772928
Created by Megamean09

Einstein Knew...

flappy bird insanity albert einstein - 8094828800
Created by Unknown

Those Are Clear Thoughts Written on the Walls

insanity thinking idiots funny - 5762952960
Created by djrcreative
insanity Video - 40950529

Pickle Surprise

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incredibles insanity Pure Awesome - 4819758080
Created by zxcvbnm022
boyfriend crazy girlfriend insanity Video - 38756353

Have You Guys Met My New Girlfriend?

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Joseph Rae Jepsen

call me maybe insanity Joseph Ducreux - 6287097856
See all captions Created by Unknown

My Little Great Old One: Insanity Is Magic

best of week chtulhu insanity lovecraft MLP FiM wtf - 6160406528
Created by jes.abducted


computer einstein hilarious insanity wtf - 6160573952
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insanity Video - 28465153

Bedknobs and Insanity

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Insanity Wolf: Stop, Murder Time

cant-touch-this insanity Insanity Wolf mc hammer Music Songs - 5033606144
See all captions Created by Kasumi-chan

Even. More. Insanity.

dare insanity metal - 4532540672
Created by InsanityWuffie
insanity far cry 3 Video - 46761729

It's like Skyrim, with guns!

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