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Dangerous Facebook Mom Suggests 'Coronavirus Parties' For Children

Facebook is a literal treasure trove of cringey parents who think they know it all. One such mom took to the social media website to see other moms thought of holding "Coronavirus parties" for their children, citing "Chicken pox parties" as inspiration. These parties are supposed to expose children to a disease with the intention of having them "get it over with." But coronavirus is not the same as chicken pox. If kids get it and pass it on to the elderly or immunocompromised, they could die. After the post was shared to r/insaneparents, redditors went in on the batshit mom. We really hope that people aren't actually having COVID-19 parties. Things are bad enough as it is.

Crazy mom writes facebook post about holding coronavirus parties to raise immunity for their children, kind of like chicken pox parties | Fellow mommys out there, strange question but is anyone holding Coronavirus parties? Like those chicken pox parties people would have so their kids would catch and get over faster think 's good way handle this current virus with kids, everyone is so scared and worried but barely effects kids as are seeing so honestly don't see problem. Personally would much
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