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Dad insists professional yo-yoer brother give his advanced yo-yo to his son, gets angry when kid knocks tooth out with it: 'He told me that I had to pay to get the rest of the baby tooth out'

Who's fault is that?
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People Share the Dumbest Ways That They Injured Themselves

It happens in a second
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Vacuum-Powered Laundry Chute Prompts Innuendos And Confusion From Twitter

No body parts allowed
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Aussies Recall Terrifying Times They Fell Prey To Venomous Native Creatures

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Groom Tries To Make A Big Entrance At Wedding, Fails Dramatically

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Funny dank memes entitled, "Where Does It Hurt?" | where does hurt WBlooBatoonsD head ache Stomach going 2nd 8th Mario Kart | Where does hurt Stomach ache Headache say joke and no one heard so repeat and someone says just said

'Where Does It Hurt' Memes Reveal Life's Most Excruciating Pains

It hurts so good!!
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Y Tho

Funny meme about twisting one's ankle on the ground
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Funny and cringey injury stories.

20 Bizarre And Cringey Ways Poor Souls Have Injured Themselves

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The Dad Was Out-Dadded

OP beats friend's dad at their own dad-joke game by asking if he wants some ice for an injury that was caused by dropping ice on his foot
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People Talk About The Most Moronic Ways They've Injured Themselves

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We Can Only Hope For a Love Like This

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Fortune Cookies, They're Just Mean

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hilarious injury skateboard snap wtf - 5180553216

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Heal Me Please!

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Created by Georgiepie

What's the Difference?

injury rage - 8139899392
Created by atalkingbuisnesscat
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