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Americans Reveal Truths About The U.S. That The Rest Of The World Doesn’t Know

An eye-opener
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People Speculate On All The Things That Have Probably Never Been Googled

Not feeling lucky
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True Crime Fan Splits Opinion By Prepping For If She Goes Missing

It's thorough
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Strange, Mundane And Charming Excerpts From The Treasure That Is Wikipedia

Is this the greatest website ever?
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Funny random Tumblr posts | tilthat TIL 2002 researcher found average 8-year-old British child could identify 80 Pokémon, but only 50 common wildlife species via sirobvious Common wildlife species don't normally yell their names at

Eighteen Tumblr Posts Chock-Full Of Clever Humor

Tumblr never fails to make us laugh.
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Twitter thread from @into_the_brush about how hard it is to get tested for coronavirus covid-19 in seattle, united states, cornavirus deaths | sketchy lady @into_the_brush live Seattle have all symptoms COVID-19 and have history chronic bronchitis. Since work physical therapy clinic with many 65+ patients and those with chronic illnesses decided be responsible and go get tested. This is went. called Corona hotline on hold 40 minutes and gave up. So looked at CDC and Washington public health webs

Twitter Thread About Coronavirus Reveals What An Ordeal It Is To Get Tested

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Here's One Diagram That Explains Every Conspiracy Against Donald Trump

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If You're Thinking About This Election's Third Parties Options, John Oliver Breaks Them Down For You

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Wow, Technology Has Really Advanced Since My Last Trip

web comics drugs information Wow, Technology Has Really Advanced Since My Last Trip
Via twohighbros

You Get Through a Lot More Articles That Way

web comics internet information You Get Through a Lot More Articles That Way
Via thefrumps

Use For Yahoo! Answers

Pie chart showing how most of yahoo answers goes to failblog eventually.
Created by Samin09 ( Via Yahoo Answers )

Yeah, That's Incredibly Helpful

funny London information underground - 8368347648
Created by Unknown

Tommy Wiseau's Real Identity

mistaken identity information web comics - 8270484480
Via xkcd

Brain vs. Useful Information

brains gifs sad but true information funny - 7847889408
Created by lolnein ( Via Lolnein )

The Researcher's Dilemma

dilemma information research - 7765941504
Created by Unknown

The Real Issue with the NSA

NSA privacy information - 7706586880
Created by imaguid
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