Funny charts and graphs about the life cycles of memes.

14 Charts That Attempt To Explain The Crazy Life Cycle Of Memes

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Plus Later You Can Use What You Learned to Make Mistakes with Your Own Kids

image psychology infographic Plus Later You Can Use What You Learned to Make Mistakes with Your Own Kids
Via theshortbusrider

Happy St. Faptrick's Day!

2016 st patrick's day pornhub searches infogrpahic
Via PornHub insights

Netflix & Chill is so Real There's Data on It

dating infographic netflix and chill is real and here's the data to prove it
Via Forbes

Data Straight From Netflix HQ

netflix web comics infographic Data Straight From Netflix HQ
Via barelyfunctionaladult

Get Ready for the Holidays!

holidays web comics Get Ready for the Holidays!
Via wronghands1

The Most Accurate Representation of The Human Life Cycle

Via Owl Turd

The Price of Being Hulk

Via claudiakastellanos

Where is America Growing?

infographic - 8505229568
By NowSourcing (Via The SpareFoot Blog)

Who's the Deadliest Marvel Character?

Via Morph Costumes

The Next Four Years

Via slyyda1

16 Reasons to Be Envious of Austin, TX (Y'all)

infographics texas infographic - 8483020032
By NowSourcing (Via SpareFoot)

Doctor Which?

doctor who infographic tardis - 5197639680
By Zappy

The Economic Disparity in Superhero Life

Via edgeofthespiderverse

Space Travel Then and Now

infographic science space Travel - 7900521984
By neomam (Via

Homes of Classic Literature

books infographic literature reading - 7944807680
By neomam (Via
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