Funny tweets and jokes about Lewd Logo for women's network in australian prime minister's department

Phallic Logo for 'Women's Network' Goes Viral, Inspires Thread of Lewd Design

Ever see a logo that looks incredibly inappropriate and makes you wonder “Did they mean to do that?” These questionable designs come to mind. When the logo is for a chicken restaurant, or even a urologist, we can enjoy a light chuckle and move on with it. But when, say, a logo resembles a phallus, and is promoting a business or initiative that is specifically geared towards women, it's going to cause something of hilarious uproar.
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Funny Times Heartfelt Messages Came From Unwholesome Sources

The fact that Reddit makes it impossible for its users to change their usernames is both cruel and hilarious. It's fun to think about how all the teenaged trolls in 2005 who chose crass usernames for a laugh are now thirty-somethings making heartfelt points about serious issues from accounts called “I_Like_Boobies_69” and “StinkyButthole420." There are so many examples of funny times the username didn't check out that there's a whole subreddit called r/rimjob_steve dedicated to documenting thes…
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20+ Cringey Times People Overshared When No One Asked

We get it, you have sex.
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memes, reddit, funny memes, dirty, wholesome, inappropriate, sentimental, aww, funny, username, juxtaposition, funny tweets, twitter memes, funny comments, youtube, irony, sexual | FuckMelnTheAssDaddy 3h 1 Award Also, friendly reminder are human, not tool, and purpose is not be "useful exist and is enough justification existence. Reply 284 greycubed 2h 1 Award Wholesome as always, FuckMelnTheAssDaddy. | Fart_McFart_Fart 7h Tell her rooting her. Reply 85 TashInAwe 7h Just told her "Honey, Fart Mc

Sincere & Heartfelt Messages From Obscene Usernames

Unlikely internet moments of wholesomeness
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Funny British signs of sexual-sounding town names | RIMSWELL Please drive carefully | CITY LONDON BACK PASSAGE EC1

Twenty-Eight Very Inappropriate British Town Names

Time for a vacation.
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inappropriate magic van wizard wtf - 4103826432
Created by Unknown

Birds of a Feather

birds culture inappropriate web comics - 8419996928
Via Animal Problems

See This? Don't Do This!

wtf inappropriate - 3116145408

A Slogan for Every Occasion

inappropriate Pie Chart - 7086227968
Created by Unknown

Movie Watching

Movie inappropriate watching - 7047879680
Via Doghousediaries

I Didn't Expect You to Actually Answer That

siri work inappropriate Pie Chart iphone - 6813355264
Created by cosmicat

Knock Knock

knock knock gross inappropriate dates joke - 6814674944
Created by Blakham ( Via Bootleggedpork )

SNL loves Fingerpause

gross inappropriate fingers SNL - 6758257152

Exhibition Season

inappropriate ball hiding - 6734029824
See all captions Created by TuckerBentley

You Weren't Supposed to See That

school internet inappropriate Pie Chart - 6743595264

Okay, I Think That's All the Time We Have

campaigning inappropriate Hillary Clinton barack obama fixed economy bill clinton - 6626078208
See all captions Created by johnnyy2k
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