Twitter roasts Gal Gadot's video of celebrities covering John Lennon's Imagine | Uncle P @PasqualeLDN gal gadot video has really shifted my mood and hopes today am now actively seeking virus. 6:12 AM 3/19/20 Twitter Android Ben Sixsmith @BDSixsmith Gal Gadot hope this cute video and my friends will make people smile Twitter: GIF angry simpsons characters

Twitter Unites In Its Hatred Of Gal Gadot's Star-Studded 'Imagine' Video

The cringe is real.
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Imagine That!

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Created by The_Fool_on_the_Hill

Imagine No Detention

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Created by Sunneith

Why Not John Lennon?

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Created by tony_pajamas

Sharing ALL the World!

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Created by Pouch

Philosoraptor: And No RIAA Too...

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Created by scyldscefing