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20+ Thought-Provoking Shower Thoughts For The Imaginatively Inclined

Big brains all round
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Funny tweets about childhood irrational fears.

16 People Share Their Most Irrational (And Hilarious) Childhood Fears

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Righteous Bro

Map of Australia from the 1800s that depicts a giant river going through the middle of the continent, and text that reads, "Thomas J. Maslen imagined a big river in the middle of Australia, 1830"
Via Sevault

It'd Be a Shame to See Your Imagination Become Reality...

coloring fish imagination It'd Be a Shame to See Your Imagination Become Reality...
Via Always_Sunnyvale

With Your Imagination You Can Do Anything!

web comics With Your Imagination You Can Do Anything!
Via Jim Benton

This Is No Time to Negotiate

web comics imagination This Is No Time to Negotiate
Via piecomic

Isn't It Crazy How Powerful the Human Mind Is?

Via Fluffy Mustache

The Monsters We Create

Via Lunar Baboon/Uber Tool

This Comic Will Challenge Your Perception of Everything

Via Nelluchoj

Icicle Ninja

Mortal Kombat imagination - 8461533440
Created by Unknown

This Comic Sums Up What's Its Like to Have an Active Imagination

school imagination web comics - 8433733888
Via Buttersafe

Gritty Winnie The Pooh Remake

sad but true imagination winnie the pooh web comics - 8422824192
Via Gun Show Comic

Never Too Old For This

bathtub imagination - 8375159040
Created by Unknown

The Treasure You Find Can Warrant a Desire for a Swift Return

kids imagination mountains web comics - 8334170112
Via Jim Benton

I Will Not Swim Again!

imagination fear swimming - 8274597632
Created by Tr0jAn3ntRy

Sodastream Lasers

lol imagination - 8165665792
Created by SkyF4ll
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