An article about a TikToker who jokingly convinced his fans he was an AI deepfake the whole time, only to come clean that it was a joke.

TikToker Convinces Fans He's Actually an AI Deepfake Illusion

The lines between reality and fiction are becoming more blurred as newfangled technology rears its head. I remember when deepfakes first came out, and seeing merely experimental videos utilizing that technology was frightening. Deepfakes essentially marked the beginning of an era of the internet where we knew that anyone, anything they said, and anything they did could be completely manufactured and fake. It was only a matter of time before deepfake or fully virtual celebrities emerged. The mos…
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Funny optical illusion images | person in a red shirt on a beach pretending to playing a piano drawn in the sand | giant ginger haired man with a beard dressed in purple standing in warped perspective

Fourteen Optical Illusions That Had Us Doing A Double Take

A little mindf*ckery for ya.
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I Went Unconscious And Now Here I Am!

Funny meme about faking an accident that happens at work
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Together They're Unstoppable

Caption that reads, "I can't unsee 'Captain Tiny Arm' and his baby sidekick 'Mega Hand'" above a photo of a guy holding a baby where it looks like he has a tiny hand, while the baby appears to have a huge hand
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He's Watching

Caption that reads, "Therapist: Long isn't real and it can't hurt you; Long Cow: ..." above a pic of Long Cow
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Funny meme about a boy who turns himself as a girl on photoshop to pretend he has a girlfriend.
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24 Boredom-Banishing Memes & Sh*tposts

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Triple Threat

funny boy about boy stealing car to drive to grandparents house.
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Funny illusion photographs.

20 Weird Pics That'll Make You Look Twice

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art painting illusion - 1512197

Rob Gonsalves: The Master of Illusion

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funny optical illusion pics

Double Take: These Hilarious Images Aren't What They First Seem

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artist make animations of common illusions and it is awesome

Illusion of the Day: This Artist’s Work Will Blow Your Mind and Question Reality *Inception Noise*

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Perception Witchery Putting a Number on My Mind Right Now

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You Aren't Supposed to Actually Touch It

web comics leaning tower of pisa You Aren't Supposed to Actually Touch It
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So.. Is That a No?

web comics illusion spiders So.. Is That a No?
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Make It Staph!

staph gifs illusion - 6983741952
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