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42 Memes With 42 Unique Uses and Purposes

Some assembly required
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funny-internet-reaction-to-towel-skirt, balenciaga-towel-skirt, ikea-towel-skirt, ikea-uk, instagram-battle, lol, lmao, troll, trolling

Ikea Trolls the Luxury Fashion Brand Balenciaga After They Create a "Towel Skirt" for $925

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Ikea Memes For Cheap Swedish Furniture Fans

Don't forget the meatballs!
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ikea ikea-memes relatable shopper shopping memes sweden swedish sweden-memes furniture store obsessed alan-wrench national-day-of-sweden

20+ Funniest IKEA Memes for People Obsessed With $6 Swedish Meatballs and Disassembled Furniture

You were just about to finish building your lichtęnsteinenbürgen, but you lost your alan wrench so you can't screw the frūdlegångėnhüber to the toästerströödledôôdlę
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wtf, cringe, diy, fail, bad design, facepalm, ugly design, amateur, cursed images, yikes, repairs, crafting, furniture, cars, fashion is my passion, life hacks, funny, funny pics | roachpatrol: rainbowbarnacle: xploren: My cousin, ashamed after building chair IKEA. Oh god feel terrible cackling at this. Help every time stop laughing just look at fucked up chair again. lying on the floor | using metal hooks to hang cord from an electric power socket

DIY Projects That Really Don't Make Any Damn Sense

Janky repairs & questionable crafting
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Funny memes about Ikea's pride couches, bisexual couch

IKEA's Pride Couches Are Twitter's New Favorite Meme

That bisexual couch tho
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'Angry IKEA Guy' Roasts Customers And Becomes Internet Hero

This young comedian is effortlessly hilarious & relatable
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Funny Twitter thread about 'Djungelskog,' a stuffed bear from Ikea | lily @stargazeridiot dont want man just want djungelskog DJUNGELSKOG £25 DJUNGELSKOG £25 Soft toy, brown bear Soft toy, brown bear 31 31) 3:49 AM 6/30/20 Twitter iPhone

Twitter Is Going Crazy For Ikea's 'Djungelskog' Stuffed Bear

Kinda makes you want a Djungelskog of your own, doesn't it?
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Funny meme about being so lazy you dont take the furniture out of the box, ikea | *How lazy are you? * I figured out you don't actually have to assemble these things
Via u/Last-Film

It All Makes Sense

Funny satirical news headline that reads, "Ikea confesses that their meatballs are made out of people that didn't find the exit"
Via dragongod531337
funny shitposting memes and pics

46 Dumb And Funny Posts For When You Just Need A Quick Laugh

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I'll Tell You How It Is In 20 Years

Caption that reads, "Just bought a book from Ikea" above a pic of a bunch of Scrabble pieces
Via kittykaroshi

There Goes My Hero

Funny meme about man who put fake arrow decals on floor to get people into endless labyrinth.
Via distinguishedbaloney

Life Hack

Funny meme about Ikea furniture.
Via shitheadsteve

Knew It

Funny meme about ikea existing centuries ago.
Via classicalfuck

Life Hack

Funny meme about ikea and twitter.
Via pettycentral
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