Funny video of a tourist getting stuck on a small iceberg and then beginning to float away

Dumb Tourist In Iceland Gets Stuck On An Iceberg, Floats Away

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Ice What You Did There!

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When Thursday's Got You Down Because It's Not Friday, Be Sure to Read This


All Aboard the RRS Iceberg Bait

IRL names iceberg boats - 8760843520
Created by satablank

The Titanic Is in a Real Pickle

titanic lettuce cucumber iceberg - 6996125440
Created by Meqad

What Were You Expecting to Happen?

ouch FAILS gifs iceberg fall - 7300869376
Created by TSGIGOR ( Via Youtube )

Dat Meth

breaking bad meth ice iceberg - 6974545152
Created by Purple Dolphin

The Largest Iceberg Break-Up Filmed

gifs awesome ice wonder iceberg - 6877806336
Created by Unknown

The Titanic Hitting the Iceberg

iceberg lettuce titanic literalism double meaning false expectations twist - 6662842368
Created by Unknown

Iceberg Collapse

collapse epic gifs iceberg mindwarp nature - 6453707520
Created by Unknown

Everybody, Romaine Calm!

double meaning Hall of Fame iceberg lettuce literalism titanic variety - 6307332096
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Least I Played Chicken

chicken iceberg leeroy jenkins Memes titanic - 6202437120
Created by Unknown

Do You Get It?

boat crash cucumber danger iceberg ICWUDT lettuce sea ship - 6171145216
Created by anselmbe

Iceberg Explosion

cold explosion FAIL gifs iceberg nature yikes - 5943838976
Created by Unknown

If You Own, You'd Best Watch Out!

double meaning facebook iceberg literalism surname - 5827076608
Created by djrcreative

Classic: Unsinkable You Say...?

Challenge Accepted history iceberg past titanic - 5296902400
Created by Citokre
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