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A Tongue's Ignorance

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The Shirt is the Most Beautiful Thing in the Picture

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No One Can Resist the Ice Cream Van

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It Was Worth it For the Floating Ice Cream

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Some Sprinkles, Too

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Produced And Directed By Michael Bay

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Created by tentoes2

Excerpt From a Dream Conversation

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Don't Try This at Home

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Created by squarepants77

So That's How Ice Cream Cones Are Made

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Created by anselmbe ( Via Orbo )

All My Dreams Just Melted Away...

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Created by Unknown

Ice Cream is a Necessary Part of Life

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Who The Hell is Apathetic About Ice Cream?

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Kid Makes the Case for Not Having Kids

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I See You're Eating Ice Cream. It'd Be a Shame if Somebody...

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A Favorite of Farmers Everywhere

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I Scream

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