Funny text exchanges.

23 Weird & Funny Text Threads That'll Make You Feel Normal

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Funny 'so glad i grew up doing this' memes.

'So Glad I Grew Up' Memes Poke Fun At Generational Superiority

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Funny random memes.

20 Life-Saving Memes That'll Help You Procrastinate

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This Is So Sad. Can We Get 50 Likes?

Funny meme about the FBI telling a guy that the girl he likes doesn't like him back.
Via @dankmemesgang


Funny meme about a phones and trying to fall asleep.
Via distinguishedbaloney

What If Phones, But Too Much?

Funny meme about texting with someone and not wanting them to call you, dating.
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Funny meme about parents wiping on your phone.
Via classicalfuck

Start Saving

Funny meme about using data at home by accident instead of wifi.
Via Serafim205
Collection of random memes about dating, relationships, dogs, cats, ted cruz, porn, love, friendship, food, animals, weather, iphones, apple.

40 Life-Saving Memes To Eliminate Your Boredom

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Funny meme about not feeling your phone in your pocket being scarier than a zombie clown.
Via DeadPiraqq

Try Harder

Funny meme about the atlantic messing up a stock photo.
Via thefunnyintrovert

Pick Your Poison

Funny meme about apple iphones vs androids.
Via Crippling Things
Funny memes about friends, drinking, alcohol, animals, sloths, dogs, cats, dating, relationships, iphones, pizzas, photo of an old lady and young doctor, text says when youre friend is one year older than you.

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Funny memes about work, job interviews, dogs, pets, parents, trampolines, internet, drinking, 69, iphones, job interviews.

Take A Break With These 30+ Procrastination-Worthy Memes

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Collection of funny and randome memes about seinfeld, cats, dating, relationships, iphones, phones, texting, food, harry potter, sonic, sonic the hedgehog, gordon ramsay.

28 Funny Memes To Improve Your Day

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Collection of funny memes about animals, dogs, cats, work, iphones, so cial media, facebook, sleeping, internet, food.

44 Memes To Get You Into The Weekend Groove

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