i lied

She'll Never Know

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By datpunker

He Never Said There Wouldn't be Wind

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It Must Be Defective

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By ladydelphia

I Guess It Didn't Mean Today

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By rpilkinton1

Are You Getting a Call?

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By thejanitormafia

Are You Lying Right Now?

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I Just Wanted to Get You Wet!

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By TheHumorous1

The Fruit is a Lie

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By tarzach15


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Via Gamebanana

Just Too Lazy to Walk

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By Unknown

Rage Comics: Best Three Months of My Year

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By Unknown

Life is Art

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I Wish We Were Like That

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At Least She Didn't Say Son

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By Unknown

Sure, It's Right in Internet Explorer

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By Unknown

Too Hip to Be a Mom

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By Unknown