Fourteen Roasty Gaming Memes For Sweaty Gamers

Gamers certainly aren't known for their hygiene, so we have to take this opportunity to provide you with some roasty memes. It's perfect timing, given the whole "sweaty gamer" trope, which you can read about here.

Because at the end of the day, if you don't shower or wear deodorant, then you deserve to get made fun of. Them's the rules.

Funny memes about gamers' lack of hygiene, 'sweaty gamers' | Prove not filthy casual with new Xbox-branded Lynx hygiene products By Stephen Lambrechts 7 hours ago Gaming Now can 'lift game B.O. department XL XBOX XBOX LYNX LYNS GAME GAME GAME GAME 1888681 | black panther marvel guy at Smash tournament puts on deodorant Smash Memes 11 don't do here
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