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24 Dentist Memes for Anxious Patients and Tooth Care Connoisseurs

Fearing the dentist is a strange, but reasonable fear. Most people don't fear a check-up from a general care practitioner , so why is the dental check-up so fearsome? It really comes down to the fact that if you've let your teeth go, there's a pretty good chance that the dentist will want to put a drill inside your mouth. Obviously, they want to help you, but the idea of the equipment literally digging into your exposed bone gets a little scary. I find it best to just take good care of your tee…
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Women share their instant ladyboner killers, turnoffs

Women of the Internet Share Their Instant Turn-Offs

“I'm a comedian.” Three words, beginning with a contraction, that make me back away in revulsion. Back when I had Tinder, I listed two kinds of people who I simply would not converse with: The above self-proclaimed funnymen, and burners. Burners, as in Burning Man attendees. These types of people and their personalities (for the most part) couldn't turn me on less. My other major sexual dealbreaker is skipping foreplay, which is harder to assess when swiping on a dating profile . Most people ca…
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People Debate the Pros and Cons of Meal Prep

I know I can't be the only person who has been seeing people virtue-signaling their healthy routines online. The number of times I've watched videos or seen photos of people meal-prepping or organizing their vegetables has become ridiculous. As much as I'd like to be someone who can set and forget their meals for the week, as someone who actually gives a sh*t about what I eat, the idea of meal prep has always grossed me out. Those stacked Tupperwares of pallid chicken and bland-looking brown ri…
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Woman Prompts Horror by Testing if Boyfriend Showers With Soap

He's gotta smell
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Reddit thread about a negligent mother who hasn't given her baby a bath in a month

Horrible Mother Doesn't Bathe Her Son For a Month, Gets Angry When Her Grandmother Criticizes Her Parenting

When I was a kid, I had to take a bath or a shower every day, a tradition I've continued throughout my life. When you're a kid, you get dirty quickly and must be washed often. As I scroll through parenting TikTok , I get increasingly disgusted with the hot takes about hygiene. The number of moms I've seen online talking about only showering their kids once or twice a month baffles me. Anyone who thinks having their kid run around all stinky is healthy for them is a fool. Some parents don't bath…
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Prince Harry is Wild, Online Moms Hate Their Kids, and an OnlyFans Creator is Musty

Plus, y'all already know who Topher is.
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Woman wrongly fired for calling out roach infestation at Nashville bar

Nashville Bartender Fired For Calling Out Roach-Infested Workplace

Anyone who has worked at a restaurant, bar, or combination of the two knows that pests like fruit flies, gnats, and roaches are no joke. Any sort of infestation can do damage to the business's reputation and can cause major drama with the Department of Health. While a bug here or there is something that's hard to avoid, if a bar or restaurant is overtaken by flies or visible roaches, things must be really, really bad. Any self-respecting business owner would call in professionals to handle a pe…
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Redditors Talk About the Most Disgusting Things They've Seen Other People Do

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Mom's Gross Confession About 'Family Sick Bowl' Sparks Horror and Debate

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Doctor Roasted For Claiming He Doesn't Use Personal Hygiene Products

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Gross parents talk on their podcast about how they don't bathe their children regularly

Disgusting Parents Brag About Not Bathing Their Kids

If you've ever been around children , you know that every kid is somehow exceptionally filthy. They run around all day, eat with their hands, roll in the dirt, and stick their fingers in their mouth. Basically everything about children leads you to believe that they are the grossest demographic around. Young kids are at that tender age where they need the adults in their lives to instruct them on how to not be the most disgusting filthy pigs in the world. Unfortunately, some parents are too inc…
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Grocery Store Customer Grossed Out By Bakery Rat Infestation

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There's Still A Pandemic Going On, After All

Funny meme that reads, "Solid advice" above a photo of buffalo wings and text that reads, "Wash your hands like you just ate buffalo wings and are about to put on a wedding dress"
Via anlyin

We All Do This

Funny tweet about people using Q-tips to clean out their ears even though a doctor tells them not to | Connor Stone @connorstonehere Doctor: You shouldn't clean out your ears with Q-tips. Me: Yeah obviously, anyone who does that is an idiot. In my head: Except me. I clean my ears with Q-tips the smart way. 2:01 PM • 07 Feb 20 • Twitter for Android
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You Just Look Dumb

Funny meme that reads, "People wearing masks without covering their nose" above an image of Plankton wearing glasses that don't go over his eyes
Via doodlydoodledumdum

Good Work, Bob

Funny meme featuring a stick figure named Bob who is taking the correct precautions against coronavirus | this is bob bob is not panicking bob listens to scientists instead of news media bob is not buying items in bulk bob washes his hands all year long because he's not gross and knows basic hygiene
Via anlyin
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