The 'Funny' Bone Is Not That Funny

Funny meme that reads, "Me hits my elbow on desk; my entire nervous system: ..." above a still of the dog from Family guy glitching
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So Savage

hurt nine inch nails school kids funny memes Memes johnny cash pranks funny children - 9184329216
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Loudmouths Unite!

Photo of Johnny Cash singing "Hurt" with the caption, "When you confidently shout out an answer in class but it turns out to be wrong"
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The Thought Alone Hurts My Head

hurt headache pain infographic - 7779362048
By Unknown

Memebase Has Invaded My Girlfriend's Mind

herp hurt derpina true story - 6911052032
By fenixeffect


hurt prostate soccer check - 4377441024
See all captions By salvobert

I Don't Even Believe You Anymore

hurt pain doctor Pie Chart - 6798679040
By Toilet_water


hurt - 6550991616
By Pete1146

Ok, That Really Hurt

FAIL gifs hurt ouch pain wrestling - 6554718464
By sebenty

He Never Meant to Hurt Anyone...

cancer crab facebook hurt Memes sucks - 6203104768
By TheSchmittMeister

Downward Spiral

all the things hurt johnny cash nine inch nails - 6123352832
By Bunnycritters

His Pain Brings Me No Joy... Worth It!

gaming homosexual hurt mother Net Noob - 5901789952
By Alexanderzx360

Think Hurts... Can't Brain...

Bar Graph brain hurt thinking - 5882973440
By Unknown

Or Any Number of Things, Really

facebook hurt relationships - 5891404800
By Kaleb

Then Why Are They Banned?

banned books death note hurt Memes - 5782627840
By CinderBlock

He's Too Good for Her

bang butt duckface hurt Memes - 5748937472
By Kong1991
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