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Hypothetical Human Population Meatball Prompts Horror And Jokes From Twitter

Now we know
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Pet owners share what they would do if a person was rude to their cat, dog, or pet, tweets, twitter thread

Pet Owners Discuss How to Deal With People Who Are Rude to Their Animal Friends

How DARE they
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Be Like Bees

Funny meme about how humans are scared of a single bug like a cockroach, but bees will band together against someone hundreds of times their size, to valhalla Patrick in a sweater
Via u/Aditya_Noob_Arya


Funny meme about how videos of animals hurting humans are funny, but videos of humans hurting animals suck
Via u/Random__Weeb

Bats Are Amazing

Funny meme using the video for big enough, cowboy screaming, to explain how bats navigate in the dark | humans: use flashlight to navigate in the e dark Cats: use well-built eyes Bats:
Via DumpsterKoala
Funny dank memes about prehistory, dinosaurs, early humans | Kid 10,000 B.C.E starter pack Obsessed with Cavenite my dad has fire and he will kill always wearing smilodon fur does cavenite dances public either named Grug, Marduk, or Unga uses laughing crying hieroglyphic all time plays rorocks uses sumerian slurs on Xrocks Live mom devolved lol drum on haters XD illustration dinosaurs: born wrong generation

Fifteen Dank Prehistoric Memes For The Science Geeks

Ooga booga
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Feeling Attacked Rn

Funny meme showing an Ask Reddit post that asks out of 7.7 billion people on earth, what is no one doing; someone replies "dating you"
Via septix

Ooog Booog

Funny meme about a caveman that reads, "When your sick cave painting of you killing a sabertooth only gets seven ooga boogas; confused unga bunga"
Via historymememuseum

Humans Have Really Gone Downhill

Funny meme about how men don't know how to survive in the 'wild' anymore
Via LeoSenior
Funny and relatable animal memes.

30 Animal Memes & Tweets For People Who Prefer Non-Humans

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Funny comics from Nathan Pyle.

This Brilliant Comic Reminds Us Of How Weird Our Human Habits Are

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ancient funny memes humans Caveman prehistoric dinosaurs anthropology science - 8533509

33 Prehistoric Memes That Are Literally Savage

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evolution creationism memes

14 Enlightening Evolution Memes That Darwin Would Smile Down Upon

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Kinda Weird Now That You Mention It

Tumblr post that reads, "Me explaining underwear to aliens: we have smaller, secret pants that we wear under our normal pants"
Via VulgarPancakes

Today I Learned!

Caption that reads, "Why do we have hands?" above several illustrations that depict, "Pat the moose," "Slap the bongo drum," "Shake stick at God," and "Oof ouch the water is too hot"
Via MoistPenguin9

Yes Only Humans Here

Tweet that reads, "WELCOME, VISITOR. WE HAVE A 'CHURCH' AND A 'SCHOOL' AND NO TENTACLES WHATSOEVER" above a map of Humansville, Missouri
Via ericaashley
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