'Impressed Thor' Memes Are A Welcome Departure From Thanos-Mania

We've been inundated with Avengers: Endgame memes for over a month, and we're happy to report that there's finally one making the rounds that doesn't involve Josh Brolin's Thanos. These memes focus instead on the Hulk and Thor, played by Mark Ruffalo and Chris Hemsworth. The photos used are of Hulk trying out the Infinity gauntlet and Thor giving him two thumbs up when it actually works. It's mostly  being used to illustrate situations in which people are impressed by feats that are decidedly unimpressive. Here are our favorites.

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Transformation of The Day: This 6'8 Bodybuilding Nightmare is a Real-Life Hulk
Via LADBible
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Talk about a #TransformationTuesday.

Martyn Ford, a gigantic bodybuilder known as "The Nightmare," started his shocking transformation about 12 years ago. And the Internet is now taking notice.

He went from being an avid runner with four percent body fat, to a 325-pound tattooed monster of a man.

Just LOOK at this guy.

Here's what he told LADBible:

I never really had a goal as such, I just wanted to be bigger. 12 years on I seem to be that for sure, but there's still more to achieve with my physique. The initial transformation I would say took two to three years. You were definitely looking at two different people then for sure.

Ford's goal is to become an actor.

And as big as he is, directors should be weary telling him he didn't get the part.