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25+ X-Men Memes For Mutant Students at Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters

A Monster High, if you will
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Funniest Deadpool and Wolverine Memes for Hugh Jackman's Epic Return to the Marvel Character for 'Deadpool 3'

This is not a drill, Marvel fans!
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Funny video exploring people who could have been Wolverine in the X-Men movies

Watch: How Wolverine Was Almost Played By Mario, The Gladiator, Or Danzig

It seems like certain heroes have been played by the same person…forever. Hugh Jackman practically is Logan to a generation of people. But what if the musical-loving Aussie wasn't available? Would Wolverine have been better portrayed Mario-era Bob Hoskins, Russell Crowe , or The Misfits' Danzig? Prrrrrobably not.
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Funny dank memes about people standing in front of things they destroyed | so badass men stand front shit they destroyed John Wick Iron Man The Joker in Batman the Dark Knight blowing up a hospital and a rat on front of a map of Europe | Jar Jar Binks Star Wars prequels

Cool Guys Don't Look Back After Creating A Mess, According To This Dank Meme

These guys are SO COOL.
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Funny tweets about the marvel cast as women.

Twitter Thread Photoshopping The Men Of Marvel As Women Is Wildly Entertaining

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Ryan Reynolds pranked by Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman

Ryan Reynolds Getting Pranked Is Inspiring Some Hilarious Trending Memes

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C'mon MOM

Pic of Hugh Jackman, who represents "My mom at the grocery store" laughing and joking with Jake Gyllenhaal, who represents "Her friend from high school;" Ryan Reynolds, who represents "me" is awkwardly standing in the back
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fun packed memes

22 Fun-Packed Memes That'll Make You Less Depressed

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So Hot

Funny meme about british dudes and what people think they are like.
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::regret intensifies::

Funny meme about realizing how much money youtubers make, hugh jackman looking shocked after losing golden globes.
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Wolverine Has Changed A Lot Over The Past 10 Years and 7 Movies

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Hugh Jackman's Original Wolverine Audition Tape

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He's the Perfect Man for the Job

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