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HR Department Sends Former Employee Birthday Card 3 Weeks After He Got Fired

So careless
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Overworked Junior Employee Quits Without Notice, Leaving Lazy Boss Hung Out to Dry

Good for her
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Company Tries to Intimidate Ex-Employee Into Signing Non-Compete Agreement a Month After Firing Them

Don't sign anything!
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HR Takes Away Employees $20K Signing Bonus, Claims It's Been $10K The Whole Time

When you're young, you're constantly told never to sign anything you've never read in full. Contracts always have little loopholes in them, and signing a bad contract can have negative effects on your life in the long term. While that's true, how many times have y'all fully read a contract you signed? Sure, I read my rental contract and my job contract carefully, but that's about it. I never read contracts for iPhone terms and conditions or the doctor's office, and I know someday that's going t…
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Employee’s Blunt Answers to HR Survey Hits Home for Many Workers

Breaking news: employees want more money
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Insufferable Designer Put In His Place For Belittling Junior Coworker

So patronizing
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Ridiculous Tale Of Dumb Office Cat Wins Hearts, Brings Wild Revelations

Jorts is the main character
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Bleak Starter Pack Meme Shows Why Employees Everywhere Are Fed Up

Employees are miserable
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Twitter thread about how HR departments choose who to interview for jobs | TheWrongNoel friend mine has been trying hire new employee her department medium-sized org. After advertising several times with few applicants, and couple rounds interviews new employee is less than great. Then she discovered there were other applicants..

Twitter Thread Details All The BS That Goes On In HR Departments

Spoiler alert: they seem kind of useless.
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It Me

Funny meme about work, relatable meme, HR, human resources | HR showing me all my posts about how much I hate my job
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Business Cat: Didn't you go to the training seminar?

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dead hr Insanity Wolf Memes sick day - 4166534912
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