A reddit thread where Americans who hate Texas discuss why they hate Texas

People Discuss Why So Many Americans Hate Texas

Can we say that plants from Texas are dumb? Can we say that shoes from Texas are dumb?
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A compilation of Texas themed memes.

Texas Memes For Fans of The Lone Star State

I'm going to let y'all in on a little secret…I am a Texas girl through and through. I know you probably could have guessed that by my use of the word “y'all,” but I'm not one for burying the lede. I grew up as a mem
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Texas Memes For Whataburger And Buc-ee's Fanatics

Texas is its own cultural juggernaut in a way that very few states are. Some people might lump Texas together with states like Alabama and Mississippi, calling it just another part of the deep South. Those states are “The South," but Texas is Texas. Texas was its own country from the years 1836-1845. Texas is so big you could drive in it for 6 hours and still be in the same state. What other state can say that?
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Carole Baskin Weighs In On The Houston Tiger, The Internet Is Predictably Skeptical

Perhaps don’t counter a murder suspect with somebody people think is a murder suspect.
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Loose Tiger Causes Mayhem In Houston

Nobody wants that pooping in their yard.
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Wholesome twitter thread, weather, winter weather, texas, texans, winter storm uri, cold weather tips, freezing, deaths, galveston, houston, power outages | quick tip from a michigander dealing with a ton of snow too: if you find your car stuck in the snow, wedging your car mats under the car can help get it out! I keep old ones in my | Sound advice for southerners who are not experienced with driving in the snow If you drive on snow. just pretend you're taking grandma to church.

Twitter Users Share Winter Wisdom With Storm-Battered Texans

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Funny memes featuring a guy seemingly mansplaining something to a woman who looks uninterested | and at point she realized his Dad's oil money wasn't worth bro tales | So like unless sick can't die virus not afraid shit at all and boys destroyed 4 six packs corona last night and this morning woke up fucking champ Imao. But seriously 's just media

14 Bro-y Memes About Mansplaining

Gotta love a good mansplaining!
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Comedian's Prank Call On Hip-Hop Mogul Hilariously Backfires

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Salty Rockets Fans Are Leaving Scathing Reviews For Ayesha Curry's New Houston Restaurant

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Houston Isnt' There Anymore

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Must Be the Vomit Comet

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Philosoraptor: Heaven, We Have a Problem

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