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50+ Memes for Devoted Plant Parents

People. They suck. They suck a lot. You know what doesn't? Plants. They beautify your home and garden. They reduce stress levels. And if you want to fill your office with plants, tell your boss that they actually boost productivity and improve one's overall work outlook. We could go on and on about the studied benefits of keeping plants, but many of you are already aware of them. And we're not trying to proselytize to people who can't be bothered with botany. We're here to entertain the people…
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30+ Plant Memes For Garden Geeks & Amateur Botanists

For black, thumbs, too.
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35 Relatable Plant Memes For Wannabe Gardeners

Plants make good coping mechanisms, I mean companions
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Video: Hilarious Personification Of Outside Plants Vs. House Plants

House plants are pretty much pathetic
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Funny memes about gardening and house plants | people ask if have any kids @OfficialPlantMemes man sitting on the floor surrounded by green | FriEND BoyfriEND GirlfriEND BestfriEND Plant Only plant has no end Plants will always be with

Memes For People Who Like Plants More Than People

Let that green thumb shine.
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Twenty-Three Planty Memes For The Green Thumbs

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Funny memes, plant memes, house plants | Kylo Ren with long blonde hair shouting more and a huge collection of plants
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