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funny random memes, dank memes, plant memes, memes about houseplants, gardening memes | Lord of the Rings LotR Bilbo talking to Gandalf Do collect plants because like them or because depressed and need something fill void? 1/19/19, 9:54 PM why, all them at once suppose | Soil moisture used be measured by finger @sociaplant Alright grandma, let's go bed

Lush & LOL-Worthy Plant Memes For Green Thumbs

Never enough plants.
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Funny Twitter meme about being on a date with a houseplant | An English Human @English_Channel [on a date with a houseplant] Me: everything ok? you hardly touched your dinner. Houseplant: Yes, I'm just eating light
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Funny memes about plants | Donald Trump leaning forward forget rotate plants @planty hoes | All nurseries are closed right now so l had get my Plänt buying urges out some other way @thirsty.plants 55,117 Tommy Seems like interested monstera. Animal Crossing

Twenty-Nine Plant Memes For People Who Consider Plants Their Children

We know you'd rather be gardening right now.
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