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Power-Tripping Boss Cuts Employees Hours Because He Bought a Motorcycle For Transportation

What a crock of baloney
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Man Expresses Annoyance When His Wife Wants to Dine In at a Restaurant Just Minutes Before Close

If you've ever worked in the food service industry , you certainly know the pain of customers coming in right minutes before closing. While it's still technically appropriate and enforced by management, the last thing you want after an eight-and-a-half-hour shift is to stick around an extra hour for a couple of customers. If you've never worked in hospitality, it's understandable that you might not understand the common decency of the appropriate window of hours of operation. But my personal be…
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SO Helpful!

hours libraries signs - 8312563968

SO Helpful!

libraries signs hours - 8147291904

Probably Filled With Paperwork

news hours arrested funny - 7654441472
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Time Plz

time work seconds hours Spider-Man - 6739954432
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Open Whenever We Damn Well Please

hours IRL sign - 6627695616


battery hilarious hours ipod - 6332034816

Challenge Accepted

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The Sunday Night Jitters

12 hours Memes paper patrick school SpongeBob SquarePants sunday - 5782920448
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hilarious hours McDonald's - 5414492672
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Scumbag Brain: Having a Hard Time... uh, Paying Attention

brain conversation hours meme nope scumbag brain what - 5210451712
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Who Wants to Watch an Hour of Him?!

fred hours i dont want to live on this planet anymore journey youtube - 5172849920
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Reframe: In a ROCK?

Han Solo hours Memes message please rock star wars trapped - 5156854016
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Scumbag Brain: The Witching Hours

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Amazing Horse for 10 Hours

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