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Caption that reads, "Y'all ever seen an elevator with a normal-ass door?" above pics of the elevator with a normal-looking door
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twitter broke af poor road trips Travel budget vacation hotel - 5228037

10+ Budget Vacationing Tweets That Will Hit Home If You're Broke

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customer service hotel list win dating - 966149

This Guy's Thoughtful Hotel Room Request For His Girlfriend is a Jurassic Win in Customer Serivce

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Choose Hampton Inn for Your Zombie Apocalypse Shelter

trolling memes zombies cant swim hotel sign
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How Unsafe!

hotel helmet american funny - 8419598848
By Unknown

Were You Even Listening?

customers hotel no phone - 6529654272
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This Hotel Room is Cool Like TRON

hotel nerdgasm ice tron - 8147746304
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This Looks Like a Romantic Getaway, but It's So Much More

hotel submarine - 8063276032
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Too Much! Too Much!!!

hotel - 7303534080
By CrazyCalvinWilliams

It's a Race Track!

hotel sonic - 7637468160
By zeilerphone

Take That, Losers

Sad neighbors hotel funeral - 7604749568
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A Hotel Wanted to Extend a Frequent Traveler a Gift

hotel - 7591998208
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A Posh Hotel

hotel seems legit - 7166166272
By xyzpdq1

Thats My Favorite Hotel!!!

hotel gay - 6858003712
By jojodmo2010 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Every Hotel

hotel - 7012916224
By jacobogden

Your Hotel Totally Looks Like Death Trap

scary hotel TLL the shining - 7013626112
By ecrixell
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