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Twitter Is Loving This Photo Of Bernie Sanders Walking Into Ross Dress For Less

About six months ago, a photo of Bernie and Jane Sanders popped up on r/SandersForPresident. The image depicts the couple walking into famed discount clothing store Ross Dress for Less. The relatable photo made a viral appearance on Twitter this weekend after Josh Androsky shared it to the social media site. Users quickly began meme-ing the image and contributing some quality one liners to the thread - there's even a shop of the twosome entering a Hot Topic instead of Ross. As candid candidate photos go, this one takes the cake. Everybody loves a bargain. We've put together some of the best reactions to the photo in this gallery, but you can take in more gold right here.

Twitter memes and reactions to photo of Bernie Sanders and Jane Sanders walking into a Ross Dress For Less store, photoshops | expand see why this is most relatable pic presidential candidate u have ever seen life ROSS 20 DZESS LESS Weicome hico Store 200 | tessa @couponlady_ been pretty quiet about my thoughts on bernie--until now support candidate who stands with smart shoppers america smart shoppers ross, dress less
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