hot pockets

A compilation of funny and weird food memes

Weird Food Memes Straight Out of a Fever Dream

It's Thanksgiving, and you know what that means? It's time to eat some seasonally appropriate food like turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce! It's so interesting that most of us eat the same thing for Thanksgiving every year. Imagine what Thanksgiving would be like if we drank mashed potato-flavored wine instead of red wine. What if we stuffed the bird with baked beans? What if, instead of slicing congealed cranberry sauce from a can, we sliced congealed gravy? Unfortunately,…
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A compilation of memes themed around food.

Delicious Food Memes To Quench Your Hunger

Food is the fuel of the now. Without it, you will literally die. The only reason you can read this sentence is that you've eaten food recently. Well, that's not the only reason, but it's definitely up there. Food is more than just a tool to not die for most people. While a rare few would prefer just to take a food pill, others see past its admittedly functional nature. Food can be a way of communicating love and care for your family and yourself. Making a meal for somebody can mean much more th…
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Cursed and cringey fake food products, pop tarts, ham, chips, hot pockets

Cursed & Cringey Food Parodies That Thankfully Aren't Real

Mmm mm good.
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It's BS

Funny Hot Pockets meme about how women's jeans often have no pockets
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brands hot pockets McDonald's honesty wendys burger king burgers fast food taco bell soda Starbucks - 8160517

20 Fake Slogans For If Brands Were Being Completely Honest With Us

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Really Dangerous

Caption that reads, "The dangers of marijuana" above pics of a stoned person who tried to microwave Hot Pockets several times after forgetting each time
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Mmm, Delicious

Funny meme about hot pockets.
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Funny hot pocket box parodies.

25 Steamy Hot Pocket Memes That'll Curb Your Appetite

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Funny hot pocket photoshop, aquarium gravel.
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Favorite Flavor

Funny meme about hot pockets that are flavored to be vietnam war flashbacks.
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Funny meme about VHS static hot pockets.
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Bet You Could Use That To Make a Great Sandwich Though

hot pockets bread image - 8996697344
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Just Let Me Watch TV and Eat Hot Pockets In Peace

image hot pockets salad Just Let Me Watch TV and Eat Hot Pockets In Peace
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What's the Absolute Hottest Temperature?

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Dumb Luck of The Day: Man Saved From Ohio Plane Crash Because he Left to go Buy Hot Pockets

Dumb Luck of The Day: Man Saved From Ohio Plane Crashed Because he Left to go Buy Hot Pockets
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Scumbag Hot Pocket

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