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An Excellent Question

Funny tweet that reads, "Why all the hot girls from the same country? Like where even is [pride flag]?"
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Oh Hey There ;)

Caption that reads, "Hottest things in the known universe" above a list of "wash, the sun, quasar" and "The girl reading this"
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The Nerd in Disguise

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By Minderbender

I Cannot Brain!

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Too Good to Be True

hot girl its a trap Rage Comics relationships - 5920997376
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We're Clearly of the Same Mind

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Please Don't Let It Be to the Quarterback

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Buy Your Own Box!

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Are We Interrupting Something?

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We All Have That One Friend

Awkward hot girl open mouth - 4608240128
By Elisha

The Making Of: Forever Alone

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Awkward hot girl lonely - 3271716352
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