A compilation of memes about nursing for nurses

Hilarious Nursing Memes For Nurses By Nurses

Nurses are one of the most undervalued professions. Any position that got an outpour of support for a couple of months in 2020 and then quickly got thrown under the bus deserves our utmost respect. Sure, nurses got claps on the streets of New York during the height of the pandemic, but they deal with so much daily they deserve claps yesterday, today, and for the foreseeable future. If there's one thing that nurses have, it's a sense of humor about all of the absurd situations thrown their way d…
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Great Grandma Has Near Death Experience, Wakes Up and Demands Soup

Talk about a comeback
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Medical Insurance Insists on Direct Billing for Dude's Surgery, Gets Hit With More Expensive Bill

Their choice!
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Article about insensitive nurse who posts attention-seeking video following passing of her patient

Insensitive Nurse Posts Attention-Seeking Video Grieving Patient

The nurses of TikTok are well known for acting wild. There have been countless controversies about nurses sharing patients' medical information online, not to mention infamous viral videos of nurses gleefully dancing in hospitals. While it has become more common for people in different professions to share various aspects of their jobs on social media, nurses are known for taking this a bit too far and sharing information that crosses ethical boundaries.
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Humorous Healthcare Worker Memes That Know The Struggle

We see you
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Spicy and Relatable Memes For Tired Healthcare Workers

That whole bang on pots and pans thing from early in the pandemic is long gone. It kind of feels like people just became complacent, both regarding the highly contagious and deadly disease that's plaguing the globe, and the people who care for them. The truth of the matter is that people who work in healthcare - doctors, nurses, EMS professionals - have always been overworked. Those long shifts caring for ailing people have never been easy. And over the last few years, they've definitely gotten…
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Woman Goes To Maternity Ward, Realizes She’s There With Her Ex And His Wife

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Woman Reveals Boyfriend Brought His Whole Gaming Rig To Her Hospital Birth

A KO while she gets KO’d
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ER Nurse Lists Every Weird Thing She's Had to Remove From Patients' Holes

There are few crazier places to work than in the ER . The constant state of emergency is literally in the name, and people often manage to injure themselves in the strangest of ways. Few jobs are more revealing about how truly dumb most of us are, and nothing proves this more than the sheer number of people who get things stuck in their orifices. This was discussed in a recent video by @katetoks1 , which went viral after she revealed some of the things she had to remove from places they shouldn…
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People Are Having Nightmares Over This Hospital Therapy Horse

Serious illness is one of the most physically and emotionally challenging experiences an individual can go through. As a result, many sick people will resort to almost any methods to alleviate some of the pain. In recent years, this has allowed for the surge in popularity of therapy animals, who supposedly bring comfort through their calming presence. These have ranged from the obvious (dogs) to the decidedly unconventional ( parrots and even alligators ). If there's one thing that they tend to…
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Guy Flees Ambulance, Prompts Speculation And Jokes

No healthcare for you sir.
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A Healthy Crop Of Medical Memes For Doctors And Medicinal Nerds

Stethoscope at the ready.
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We All Do This

Funny tweet about people using Q-tips to clean out their ears even though a doctor tells them not to | Connor Stone @connorstonehere Doctor: You shouldn't clean out your ears with Q-tips. Me: Yeah obviously, anyone who does that is an idiot. In my head: Except me. I clean my ears with Q-tips the smart way. 2:01 PM • 07 Feb 20 • Twitter for Android
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Funny memes about nurses | South Park Nurses on their days off during pandemic memenurseofficial Syrah Merfot Sepzan Hove not having glass wine having six s called tasting and 's classy | Nurses been using same N95s 13 shifts straight. Can order more? This is really unsafe. Hospital CEOS: ED @realtalknursing @refreshmentsandnarcoticsrn HREE HUH HA man in a crown holding money

Fifteen Nurse Memes For The True Heroes

You deserve these memes, and so much more!
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Funny memes about people who work in healthcare | nurses can please have safe staffing ratios" hospital administrators codebluememes BEST CAN DO IS PIZZA | finally get difficult patient discharged and they show up next day StrongerNurse Spongebob inside a mailbox

Twenty-Six Healthcare Worker Memes Because The Pandemic Ain't Over Yet

Can. this. just. be. over. now.
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Funny memes about nursing | The Office crying Michael Scott patient genuinely thanks and tells much they appreciate yourregularrn | Patient insists on getting out bed Also patient: glass bones

Eighteen Nurse Memes For The Brave People On The Frontlines

Thank you!
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