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People Are Having Nightmares Over This Hospital Therapy Horse

Serious illness is one of the most physically and emotionally challenging experiences an individual can go through. As a result, many sick people will resort to almost any methods to alleviate some of the pain. In recent years, this has allowed for the surge in popularity of therapy animals, who supposedly bring comfort through their calming presence. These have ranged from the obvious (dogs) to the decidedly unconventional ( parrots and even alligators ). If there's one thing that they tend to…
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Woman Finally Answers The Question Of How A Horse Would Wear Pants

Now we know.
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25+ Pet Names So Bizarre They Are Sublime

Peak creativity.
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Weird Horse-Themed Memes That Are Comically Specific

Horse memes: yay or neigh?
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30 Horse Memes For Fun-Loving Equestrians

These memes are a wild ride
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Just A Big Batch Of Memes For Animal Lovers

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Funny memes about horses

Humorous Equestrian Memes For The Horse Girls

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official Video for Lil Nas X Old Town Road Remix Featuring Billy Ray Cyrus and Chris Rock

Watch Lil Nas X's Video For 'Old Town Road' Ft. Billy Ray Cyrus and Chris Rock

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Cannot Unsee

Funny meme about therapy horse.
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Funny random memes.

25 Random Memes That'll Get You In The Weekend Spirit

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Funny memes about red dead redemption 2

15 Red Dead Memes For All The Obsessed Gamers

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28 Funky Memes That'll Improve Your Mood

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Funny meme about pop up asking if your girlfriend is a horse, yay or neigh.
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Thanks, wikiHow!

Funny meme about wikiHow and how to feed a horse a carrot, not through its butt.
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Funny meme saying "that's enough internet for the day" featuring an image of a horse kissing a pregnant woman's stomach and a baby with a horse head.
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Video Game Coverage april fools the witcher 3 horses video games - 79220481

The Witcher 3 Holds 'Roach' Under the Light for Maximum Scrutiny

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