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Christian Debunks Purity Culture Advocate Who Claims Women Get Aroused Riding Horses

Stop telling the world our secrets!
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People Are Having Nightmares Over This Hospital Therapy Horse

Serious illness is one of the most physically and emotionally challenging experiences an individual can go through. As a result, many sick people will resort to almost any methods to alleviate some of the pain. In recent years, this has allowed for the surge in popularity of therapy animals, who supposedly bring comfort through their calming presence. These have ranged from the obvious (dogs) to the decidedly unconventional ( parrots and even alligators ). If there's one thing that they tend to…
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Woman Finally Answers The Question Of How A Horse Would Wear Pants

Now we know.
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Redditor Describes Ex-Husband’s Jousting Horse Debacle

It gets weirder.
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cute animals memes pics | 2 boys found baby rabbit and its back legs were paralyzed so they built this so he could walk, faith humanity being restored. | sniffing ernoticon datsrad just saved this bby new born deer. and crying bc kept following

27 Animal Memes Cute Enough To Warm Your Frostbitten Hearts

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Funny video of Kanye West falling off a horse at his Sunday Service

Video Of Kanye Falling Off A Horse At Sunday Service Is Excellent Schadenfreude

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Funny dank meme entitled 'Unfinished Horse Drawing'

Fourteen 'Unfinished Horse Drawing' Memes For The Half-Assers

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Funny memes about horses

Humorous Equestrian Memes For The Horse Girls

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official Video for Lil Nas X Old Town Road Remix Featuring Billy Ray Cyrus and Chris Rock

Watch Lil Nas X's Video For 'Old Town Road' Ft. Billy Ray Cyrus and Chris Rock

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All Talk

Caption that reads, "When you acting hard in front of the squad but your horse knows you a b*tch" above a medieval painting of a guy holding a sword up while his horse looks at him with distrust
Via youandmeandrainbows

Cannot Unsee

Funny meme about therapy horse.
Via catchymemes

F*ck It

Caption that reads, "When there is five minutes remaining on your test" above a drawing of a horse that has a rushed, terrible-looking front end
Via richprich
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32 Random Memes That'll Take You On A Funny Journey

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Gave You A Heckin Bamboozle

Chart of large dog breeds, ending with a horse pretending to be a type of large dog
Via AdmiralShady

Haven't Been The Same Since

Pic of a baby being terrified by a dog wearing a horse mask, with the caption, "Therapist: 'Okay so what's your earliest childhood memory?' Me:..."
Via aquastar9999981337

Have Fun, Y'all

Funny meme about the group chat when you're not actually going to be around for plans, horse in a ditch surrounded by kids talking.
Via masipopal
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