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Depressing twitter thread about bad work experiences, tweets, bad jobs, bad bosses

Sad Souls Share Their Worst-Ever Work Stories

What a wonderful world.
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Cringey horror stories that seem like a scene from a bad movie.

20+ Cringey Stories So Awful They Feel Cinematic

We've all been through it- something so deeply cringey that it prevents you from sleeping at night every time you think about it, and it's just constantly floating through your mind. It's the absolute worst, but at least we've all suffered from some cringey moments. Earlier this week, writer Caroline Moss asked Twitter to share moments of their lives that seemed more like a bad movie than something IRL. She offered up a tale of being broken up for "not being Jewish enough" while at a National c…
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Funny and passive aggressive signs and stories about having roommates | Roomie removed Oreo cookies Lunchable, and then put it back fridge LUNCHABLE WHITE TURKEY-CURED-SMOKE FLAVOR ADDED PASTEURIZED PREPARED AMERICAN CHEESE PRODUCT, CRACKERS CHOCOLATE SANDWICH COOKIES | ben accidentally filled room with Hydrogen it is well above toxic levels will unlock 7pm Its super toxic. My bad airing out wont again

Roommate Horror Stories That Are Arguments For Living Alone

If you can afford it
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Twitter thread from frustrated grocery store manager about how people are scubags, covid-19 shopping, coronavirus, hoarding toilet paper | dan @dadopotamus manage grocery store gotta say all giant scumbags. 5:51 PM 3/14/20 Twitter iPhone | Mama Wife Concierge @TwoLs60 Replying dadopotamus and @1loriking My daughter works one and is appalled by people screaming at them lines empty shelves. Many co-workers reduced tears over last couple days. Management is now monitoring cash registers calling

Frustrated Manager's Twitter Thread Reveals How COVID-19 Brings Out The Worst In Customers

These people deserve our respect.
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Funny roommate horror stories from Twitter.

Roommate Horror Stories That Range From Gross To Certifiably Insane

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public transportation horror stories

19 Horrifying Public Transit Stories That Are Sure To Make Your Skin Crawl

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