Interesting Facebook thread explaining why the threat of "murder hornets" is largely sensationalized | Marianne Alleyne Monday at 5:10 PM Dropping some more hornet knowledge (compiled multiple posts have seen come by today, including Annie Rich Thompson): | NY Times ran story this weekend which promptly echoed through local media outlets about Asian Giant Hornet which they so thoughtfully deemed murder hornet so doing, they have blown problem way out proportion.

No Need To Panic Over 'Murder Hornets,' According To This Informative Thread

It's all been blown waaaay out of proportion.
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Funny dank memes about the introduction of "murder hornets" to North America | People America seeing murder hornets are being found America first time hiking fish on fire | Covid-19 numbers start decline Murder Hornets Vector's hey

'Murder Hornets' Are 2020's Latest Little Gift To Us

Oh cool...
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wtf science facts

14 Geeks Share The Craziest Science Trivia They Know

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This is the Worst Way to Die

Death bees hornets - 7538183168
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