Twitter story about a 37 year old boss bragging about making out with a 22 year old sparking discussion about

37-Year-Old Man Brags To His Coworkers About Making Out With 22-Year-Old, Sparking Age Gap Discourse

Who is wrong here?
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Girl Rates Bathroom Of Guy She Just Hooked Up With and Realizes He Is a Cheater

Uh oh
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Mom Gains Fans For Biting Takedown Of Son On Nextdoor

Josh is yet to recover
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Woman Regrets One Night Stand After Conversation The Morning After

Seriously dude
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People Are Exposing Their Inexhaustible Thirstiness With The ‘Me Tryna Hit’ Trend

From grand romantic gestures to classic 3am “u up?” texts, there’s no telling the lengths that some people will go in the pursuit of getting laid . There’s a reason that sex is at the bottom of the Hierarchy of Needs, and it relates to the fact that there’s an entire genre of memes out there dedicated to being horny. Now, they have a new entry which acknowledges how tryhard we can be in the talking stage. ‘Me Tryna Hit’ has emerged as a popular format on TikTok , with users miming to the sound …
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Funny Tinder conversations

15 Tinder Convos That Took A Snarky Turn For The Worst

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funny tinder conversations | Eric 34 10 kilometres away Am cute? No. Do have great personality and sense humor make up Also no. 6'1 SHARE ERIC'S PROFILE SEE FRIEND THINKS REP ERIC X | Would like cheesy pickup line or an animal fact? Today 1:51 PM like know why even swiped right If had guess 's probably because type girl who fishes some type self worth so go on tinder get strangers compliments feed ego. Which caused swipe right order get compliment and attention so desperately need.

Tinder Memes & Moments That Deserve A Swipe Right

Tinder is still funny even when it doesn't work for you.
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Funny meme that reads, "Me: turns on ad block; single moms in my area: ..." above a still of Baby Yoda looking sad
Via TheBloodyLady
Funny dank memes and tweets about 'Disney Plus and thrust' | Animal - /saltysuit22 Netflix Chill Disney+ Thrust | Person -  she agrees come over and watch Disney

'Disney Plus And Thrust' Is The New And Raunchier 'Netflix And Chill'

Memers are horny AF, apparently. We're moving past Netflix and Chill and onto " Disney+ and Thrust " with the release of Disney 's new streaming service. While we find this new meme trend amusing, we have to say that asking someone to come over and "Netflix and chill" is far less awkward than asking them to come over in order to " Disney+ and thrust." But maybe that's just us...
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funny sex related memes about perspective and points of view

Sex Memes Seductive Enough To Get Anyone Worked Up

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Funny story about a clueless guy who doesn't get his neighbor's hints that she has a crush on him

Dude Misses His Neighbor's Incredibly Obvious Flirting Signals

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18 Tinder Memes & Moments That'll Make You Really Appreciate The Single Life

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tinder fails that really matched up well

18 Thirsty Tinder Moments That'll Make Your Dating Game Look Weak AF

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Funny sarcastic video of a guy who loves The Office making a self-promotional video for his Tinder profile

Hilarious Video Perfectly Captures What Literally Every Dude On Tinder Is Like

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Snacks Are Life

Text conversation where guy asks girl what she's doing, girl responds "eating chips"
Via VB6ftw

Rip. Off.

Caption that reads, "When he says poems and chill and he actually means poems and chill" above a classical painting of a guy reading out of a book sitting next to a woman looking disappointed
Via oenavia
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