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People Weigh In On Bad Friend Who Ditched Dinner For a D*ck Appointment

Female friendships can be tough. When we're younger, they're often kind of codependent - we want to spend every day with our friends, having sleepovers, working on secret languages, and passing notes in school. As we get older, conversations begin to revolve around crushes, kisses, periods, and all the other “fun” stuff that comes with puberty. Eventually, less time is spent with friends as budding relationships become more serious, as some friends become boy-crazy, and others want to settle do…
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People Discuss Acts That Are Supposedly Sexy But Aren't

Spoiler Alert: chocolate syrup in the bedroom isn't sexy
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Funny memes about sex, hooking up, horny memes, funny memes | try be sweet but still pervert heart licking its lips | ultimate millennial candy doesn't exi brandfire Reese's MILK CHOCOLATE CBD INFUSED DUMB THICC BUTT NET WT 6 OZ

19 Saucy Memes For Frisky People

Mildly spicy.
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Funny sarcastic video of a guy who loves The Office making a self-promotional video for his Tinder profile

Hilarious Video Perfectly Captures What Literally Every Dude On Tinder Is Like

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Troll-y Tina

Text conversation where a girl named Tina gave a guy the wrong number and he gets a guy with a cat instead
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Guy Live-Tweets His Stepson Trying To Sneak A Girl Out Of His Room

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So Sad

Caption that reads, "When she moves on after you gave her mixed signals and treated her like an option" above a pic of Jughead from Riverdale crying and smoking a cigarette
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Can Only Hope This Will Be A Reality Someday

"F*ckboy from the 2050s starter pack"
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I'm Great Why Do You Ask

Caption that reads, "Ex: so how have you been since the breakup? Me: ..." above a pic of the Bachelorette with all of her contestants
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Helped Her Out

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