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Weekly Internet Roundup: Omegle Ends, Face Tattoos, and Bored Ape Eye Damage

Also, we say goodbye to Paint Grandpa.
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No U

Funny headline that reads, "Hong protester arrested for using giant spoon against water gun vehicles"
Via Maxobb


Funny meme that reads, "When you make a meme about freeing Hong Kong in a Huawei phone" above a still from Mulan with text that reads, "Now all of China knows you're here"
Via DilluBhai
Funny dank memes about Chinese president's supposed resemblance to Winnie the Pooh

Chinese President Gets Roasted With A Crap-Ton Of Dank 'Winnie The Pooh' Memes

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Which Is IT?

Funny meme about sign and design fails
Via anti_tony_stk
hong kong chicken fried chicken kfc funny fast food - 5371909

These KFC Ads Are Re-imagining Fried Chicken As Explosions And They Look Tasty AF

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hong kong photoshop battle coffee flood - 1056005

A Man in a Hong Kong Shopping Center Decided to Enjoy His Coffee in the Middle of a Flood, so of Course That Picture Got Photoshopped

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How to Hack a Hong Kong Billboard

hong kong gifs - 8371453696
Created by sebenty

In The Streets Over Hong Kong

drones gifs mindwarp hong kong - 8335063552

Meanwhile During Occupy Hong Kong

gifs hong kong hero protests - 8334066688

Best Idea Ever?

hong kong - 8217147648

RIP Giant Rubber Duck in Hong Kong

IRL rip funny hong kong - 7462677248

Pathetic Insurance Scam Attempt - Hong Kong Style

FAIL gifs hong kong scam - 6581945088
Created by TSGIGOR ( Via Liveleak )

NCIS: Hong Kong

gifs hong kong Memes sunglasses - 6149876992
Created by Evil-Police