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Heartwarming Note From A Dad Who Passed Away Was Found 9 Years Later Carrying An Encouraging Message About Beekeeping

Is someone chopping onions in here?
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Eco Influencer Gets Roasted For Reinventing Corn Syrup As ‘Vegan Honey’

We all know by now that processed food is the devil. It's full of all the unhealthy food groups and scary sounding chemicals, and it gets made in ways that are enough to put you off ordering Taco Bell until the munchies come back again. If you decide to do the processing yourself, though? Totally different ball game. This seems to be the logic of one influencer, who promotes a low waste, sustainable lifestyle. Kathryn Kellogg raised some eyebrows recently for posting a video of her making what …
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Winnie The Pooh's Folly

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I Want a Kitty Like Ralph

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Honey, I'm Home

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No Pet Names Necessary

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They Both Rip Honey to Shreds

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Deer Me, Their Love is So Sweet!

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Honey Boo Boo

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Natural Sweetener, I'm a Roof Over Your Head!

idiom honey literalism home - 6976240384
Created by tonis ( Via Brainless Tales )


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What Monster Would Do This?!?!

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Buzz Off, Honey

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