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If Tax Prep Sites Were Honest | Honest Ads (TurboTax, H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, Intuit Parody)

Let's be real: If tax prep sites were honest about why taxes suck so much, we'd probably burn the whole thing down. Instead, we're stuck with incessant advertising about how stupid we are and how easy they can make it for us. But…is that actually true? Our friends at Cracked have the answer.
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If Smart TV Commercials Were Honest

They cater to your every need...
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hard seltzer white claw funny Video honest ads cracked - 107515905

If Hard Seltzers Were Honest | Honest Ads

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If Cryptocurrency Was Honest | Honest Ads

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Funny Cracked Parody Honest Ads, Hillsong, Megachurch, Christianity, humor

If Megachurches Were Honest | Honest Ads (Mars Hill, Hillsong, Bethel, Lakewood Church Parody)

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Honest Ads from Cracked, Recycling

Cracked's 'Honest Ads' Is Back, And This One Tackles Recycling

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