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Those Memories

Funny meme that reads, "Them: You can't smell a photo; The photo: ..." above a photo of an aisle at Home Depot
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Try Saying That Ten Times Fast

Caption that reads, "How many Lowe's would a Rob Lowe rob if a Rob Lowe could rob Lowe's?" above a headshot of Rob Lowe next to a pic of a Lowe's store
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12 'House Hunters' Tweets That'll Make You Facepalm And Then Pray For Humanity

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Sooner or Later

funny memes home improvement soon champ

It's a Simple DIY!

shopping home improvement g rated there I fixed it - 8015068928
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Oh Wilson...

home improvement wilson - 6525735424
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Bad Neighbor Stuff

home improvement SOON wilson - 6150288128
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They Make the Same Noise

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