Funny memes about Catholicism | waiter: would like drink? Jesus: water is fine Jesus: laughing Leonardo Dicaprio | Hey, this is God and watching Disney Channel @EpicChristianMemes lightning shaped like Mickey Mouse

22 Christian Memes For The Believers

Praise the Lord!
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funny christian wholesome tweets

15 Jesus Tweets That'll Bring You Back To Life In Three Days

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tweets of god making the various animals with jokes thrown in

14 Hilariously Witty Tweets About God Creating Various Animals

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Gonna Be A Thriller!

Fake headline announcing that there's going to be a 'Bible 2'
Via AManlyManWhoDoesManlyStuff
holy god christianity politics church - 5978885

17 Hilarious And Holy Tweets From God Himself

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crazy bible verses | iff_true 2h "He whose testicles are crushed or whose male member is cut off shall not enter assembly Lord Dueteronomy 23:1

18 Insane Bible Verses That Are Totally F*cked Up

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Fact: Wood Can Be Blessed

holy wood - 7245193216
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holy SpongeBob SquarePants racist - 6345790720
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AKA Every Single Coffee Shop in the World

coffee double meaning holy literalism name sign - 5716449024
Created by sasukefangirl600
batman catchphrase exclamation holy literalism metal Movie pun robin Video - 29243137

Holy Rusted Metal, Batman!

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Hole-y Sheet!

double meaning expletive hole holy literalism similar sounding - 5432681984
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One Grain Direction Under Good

expletive holy literalism similar sounding - 5302988288
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Scumbag Brain: The Holy Union

brain church holy scumbag brain sex - 5001842432
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Holy Crap!

angel crap exclamation halo holy literalism wings - 4708404736
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cat crap exclamation food holy work - 3974673408
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