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Double-Take Worthy Accidental Optical Illusions Caught In the Wild

The mind is a trickster, often making us feel like something is not quite as it seems through easily deceived eyes. Optical illusions are all around us. We just don't really notice them unless they're frozen in time by a photograph. Because a picture is flat, it's easy for our brains to perceive them differently than they really are. That's why you should never trust images. But once you come to terms with the fact that every image is a lie, then you can start to really enjoy them. We've got a…
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Funny Posts With Plot Twists and Unexpected Punchlines

Hold up...
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Spicy Tweets With Unexpected Punchlines

Mamma mia
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funny spicy and offensive dank memes | Licking knife after l'm done other surgeons: made with mematic | Kyle @KylePlantEmoji This asshole thought just because he driving some fancy, expensive vehicle, he could go as fast as he wanted and weave between cars. Sol got front him and slowed down 10mph below speed limit Imao Fuckin ambulances swear

Questionably Spicy Memes Brimming With Dark Humor

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